Our sales have been growing rapidly as more and more people learn about our products. They love how the product enhances their Safety and Enjoyment of the Motocross Sport.

Industry leading experts predict after-market motocross safety gear sales to grow by more than 30% this year. This study doesnt even cover the fact that our Safety Vest is a COOLING Product as well.
    Motocrossvest.com is currently in development of a Pro Model Vest, this was due to request from numerous;
  • AMA Pro Riders (4Championship Titles)
  • AMA Pro Trainers
  • AMA Amateur National Motocross Champions
  • AMA Amateur National ATV MX Champions

Having our products being worn by National level riders all over the country, the timing has never been better to get in on the ground floor of the sale of our products.
    If you wish to become an independent dealer and have a demo vest in each size to show and sell, you may become an independent dealer. (Having Demo Vest available will increase your sales ten-fold). This will require an investment on your part for (6) demo vest.

You may show and sell our products in your area by displaying them in your showroom or by attending various tracks and races in your area. You may order products directly from us using your very own dealer code, we will ship them to you or drop ship directly for delivery to your customers.

If you wish to sell in an area covered by one of our Factory Authorized Distributors we can set you up to talk directly with them.

If you are already a power sports dealer or motorcycle dealer, our products will make a perfect addition to your existing business and add a new profit center for your business.
  • One Set Pro Kevlar Demo Vest (5) YS, YM, YL, AS, AM
  • One Set 3rd Gen Demo Vest (7) YXS, YS, YM, YL, AS, AM, AL
  • Set of banners (3)
  • Dealer Code - Any orders we receive online with your dealer code you receive 30% of total sale.
  • One 8' Teardrop Flag with Canopy attachment
  • Brochures, Stickers, Wristbands Marketing materials.
  • Contact dealersprogram@motocrossvest.com  or 956-578-1095
    We offer great advantages in being a dealer directly with the manufacturer to maximize your revenue without the middleman. You also get the benefits of Factory, Customer Service and Advertising support.
  • Playground & Pickle Moto Magazine Advertising.
  • Presence at majority of National Recognized Races.
  • Products Recognition Nationally by our very own National level Sponsored Riders.
  • We provide Promotional Items, Banners, Display racks,Signage, Stickers, Brochures, Shirts & Caps.

No matter which of these programs you decide to get involved in, there isnt a better time to take on our products and get in on the ground floor selling our existing and future products. Contact us and request a Dealer & Distributor Packet.
  Dealers for motocrossvest.com provide you a local source for the motocross vest with the same Material used in Bullet Proof Vest ... protection against both serious and minor injury among motorsports participants. The primary function of the Safety Vest is to improve performance and confidence.   MOTOCROSSVEST.COM facebook
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